It’s no surprise that video is now an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. recently revealed their Top 6 secrets of super-successful video marketing. Here’s the summary…

1. Focus on stories, not sales

The best videos are those that connect with the viewer. You can create value by telling a story. And always build trust with your audience before selling to them.

2. Use the first few seconds wisely

The average viewer’s attention span is just 8.5 seconds. That means you MUST engage your viewer as quickly as possible. Use an eye catching thumbnail to grab the viewer’s attention, and deliver an engaging hook within the first few seconds of the video to keep them watching.

3. Target relevant audiences on Facebook

Facebook allows you to target your audience based on their age, gender, location, language, and interests. Use this to your advantage, and only show your video to your specific target audience.

4. Tell your story with and without sounds

It’s important to optimize for both types of playback, as people will watch videos with and without sound at various times in their day. Optimize for sound by using a high-quality audio recording, and an engaging music track. Optimize for no sound by using beautiful visuals, text-heavy descriptions, and subtitles.

5. Include CTA’s

All of your videos should end with a call to action. This could be to Subscribe to your channel, Follow/Like your Page, Share with your friends, Comment on the video, or Check out other content. It doesn’t always have to be about making a sale.

6. Optimize for search

If you’re not optimizing your video content for search, you could be missing out on a huge numbers of views. More than 3.5 BILLION searches are performed on Google each day!

At a minimum you should:

Include keywords in your video title

Add a description to your video

and Upload a transcript of your video if hosted on YouTube

Be sure to apply these six secrets to your next marketing video 😉