How Video Content Marketing Can Grow Your Business - Kenny and Travis from Kajabi Interview

Find out how to get started with Video Marketing for small business at: Online Video marketing is becoming more widespread as more and more small business owners begin to realise it's efficacy. Currently, we see the internet as predominately text based but in 10 years or so it will be transformed into much more of a TV type medium. Hello, I'm Raglan Tribe and I teach video

marketing for small business so that they get more leads and sales from the internet. Make sure that you get onboard now while the entry costs are low because they will spiral as video marketing gets more popular. Let's look at some of the benefits of Video Marketing for small business: With video you are able to reach a much larger audience. Much of your market will be visual thinkers with

a strong preference for video. It's easier to get your video to the top of Google because the perceived barrier of video production puts much of your competition off and so it makes a great SEO tool Not only can you attract the huge search engine market, but you also have access to the 100s of millions of YouTube viewers. After all, YouTube is now the second largest search engine

3g communications is common and now 4g is on the rise which will make video the preferred choice for getting your commercial message out to the billions of mobile users Video marketing helps build your brand as customers get to see and trust you. They will become a much more loyal following who eagerly await your next video message Again trust is quickly established if prospects see that your message is

congruent with your body language and intonation making them much more likely to buy And finally, it's much cheaper to make a video that you might have thought. In many cases there are video creation tools on the web that mean you don't even have to bother with a camera and lights. So click on the link below to find out how you can get started with Video Marketing for small


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Hey what's up Sean here with video influencers helping you build your influence and your income with online video and today im siting with the co founders of Kajabi Kenny and Travis How's it going ? Hey great Good and we just wanted to talk about briefly about the power of video and online video for in a business arena and one of the things that if you

check out what they're doing you are creating YouTube videos educational content you're creating all the social media content and you have a business with employees and doing things and one of the things we talked about off camera is that you are kinda like are treating yourselves your software company that this site's kinda like being a media company and you're putting all this media what's kind of your philosophy in your

strategy with online video ? kind of funny we have an awesome like software style office but we tour people through there and say and this room is our video studio and people are what are you shooting they assume we have clients come in or something we are like that no is for us Yeah but our strategy is people want to buy products whatever that product might be from

someone They know like and trust you know and how do you do that if your software company with stock photography on your website for example you know its like no just be yourselves and be out there in front of the video because people are going to buy from someone who they relate to and they can trust like I said and video is the best we found to do that

Yeah it really like sparks their interest even further so these are the guys that built this thing this is how how to use it this is it's really it's almost like the old school you met the sales person at the door and they show you the shoes or they show you the car its kind of that strategy but it isn't selling its more personality and it's encouraging and

it's kind of raw but I mean we do have a studio and but you gotta understand we started we didn't have a studio and we literally would shoot maybe from our computer at first iPhone then we eventually bought a camera that we saved enough amazon points to get a nice canon and then for years I was editing yeah Kenny was behind the camera or Steve was behind the camera

and I would talk or do something and so now we have to evolve in equipment and learning we also have to learn how to be on camera 'cause it was pretty hard for us at first like you have to get used to seeing and need to hear yourself 'cause otherwise you'll be so I mean I would be petrified sometimes having to hear it again the second time but

you have to overcoming 'cause it helps I mean you can even be selling like pluming anything and if you have some video behind that people are gonna wanna work with you yeah yeah I saw a recent stat that without doubt especially with sales on the website if there's a video behind a product or a service or no video the conversion is off the charts with a difference I

don't understand why everybody doesn't have at least one video on their site Yeah it's like the other day I have a flat screen Tv installed you know and im looking at these dead stock looking sites and it's like just shoot a video yourself to say how you're going to like do the best job ever that's it Yeah it's, don't even be sales you don't like don't make it

some cheesy cable tv commercials unless you are doing that for fun because it is fun to shoot those and be silly but like just show yourself show behind the scene stuff show yourself talking about your philosophy like why did you get into that business you know what do you love about your business what do you hate about your business what are the best customers with so many things anybody

can start doing so do you think then that this could be applicable in pretty much any niche that so business owners and just kind of those entrepreneurs that are launching something that you get started with video and that should be producing content Yeah anybody you obviously you start with YouTube 'cause it's so darn easy it's so simple to just get content up there and you can shoot all of

this from you iPhone for a long time and you know you can produce some really cool stuff with your phone I love it and then maybe just lastly what are some of your best tips and maybe mistakes that could help shorten the learning curve 'cause I love that you shared your progression you editing you did some stuff in front of the camera now you have some better stuff

and now it's always that if you can be like ok hey it's unreachable the second doing so great what are some of the time savers and mistakes you made along the way that people can say I think learning from others I think we started using Wistia as a hosting platform and had so much cool content about what kind of camera to use what kind of lighting that helped

a ton learn from other people like have kinda your mentors on how they're shooting like their content like not only did Wistia had teachers but really really cool content was like oh how are they doing they're standing this way they're doing this kind of lighting that's and then you got it just start doing it I think the more we did it the better we got at it that studio

up a lot just think about lighting and audio not like pro quality you know but like when you start it's kind of weird and the technology is so good it's pretty easy to do that but make sure you watch it back like some people post some stuff why would you post that I can't hear you I can't hear you I maybe you shouldn't be like I already filmed

it like well shoot it again I mean really you have to be your own camera person your own editor and your own producer at first I mean we were there was a couple of us at that point so we could do that now we have Joe full time video guy is focusing on that all the time but you don't have to start with that fresh start now and

so lots of you like you see it is valuable enough to make that investment in really content you are not selling but if that is building the brand and building the business you think that business should be thinking that way like lets up level our gear our team to help build up this content yeah you don't necessarily have to hire someone but we knew that was part

of our strategy we wanted to get to now you can hire an outside service if you need to or just per project yeah exactly I mean we really look a company like apple in a way of concentrating stories behind their their hardware and software everything they build and that's the approach we take as long as telling the story of you know why did you come up with the idea

who are we we are real people you can trust I mean software you never know was it built off shore was it built by a bunch of people that don't care but when you are in front of the camera and you're talking and even like a few days we've done that were their own periscope or their message in a somewhat answer questions could do that in their businesses for

software in particular most competitions most competitors are talking feature feature feature and we want to go out and talk quality and aesthetic and easy to use you know and I think having like a dedicated video person helped us do that and really put out a top notch stuff and talk about things that are important to you like things that you have a passion about like I started doing this

chalk talk videos and sometimes they weren't even about our bussiness or anything it was about life and we got a lot of cool buzz from that I think that's how we connect with Selena first she saw this videos and she's like Oh she contacted good job you guys you don't know what a good video might be what you might do for your business or your career you can

be shocked sometimes it's really good and then just to close what kind of the world to change online video has change the world what are you closing thoughts motivation inspiration for those watching lo literally leverage on this game changing opportunity of online video Yeah there's so much new technology it's incredible so I would say try things we are trying right now periscope right now we've tried it before just

try anything don't get stuck in your ways but then again we also live by a simplicity policy so it periscope isn't really working on our mix we'll drop it eventually but we do try to be simple being like wait why do you have to do that and like in the airport the other day this lady has this giant bottle of water and they like you have to throw

that out so the tries to drink the whole thing and then didn't you read an articule about someone with like a bottle of cognac and then she passed out it's like I already have it I have this maybe you need to drop it like test stuff is YouTube giving you a result is facebook giving you results and then keep doing that and then I love lately the word

iterate like so put out something it doesn't matter what it is and that's not the final installment in for ever you know certain things on the internet stay around forever so you don't want it to be embarrassing or anything but then come out with better and better and better you know and work your way up Hey thanks so much for checking out this video make sure you subscribe to

video influencers for more content to help you build your influence and your income with online video and check out the full length interview that we did with Kenny and Travis is pretty awesome yeah and I mean you are talking wisdom bombs going off explosions insides there's the whole lighting round and Yeah acted out lighting dance round You looked pretty significance so anyways we'll link that up in the YouTube card

and the YouTube description all the stuff in the show notes thanks so much for watching keep crushing it keep smashing it keep knocking it out of the park appreciate you and we will talk soon air dry or hair dryer I like to air dry but I would use a hair dryer Like the old dudes in the gym Why do they do that old dudes in the gym there's

paces that don't need to be dried in the gym just saying Come on guys periscope five Let's do this let's do this clap along with me let's do this I don't clap along Really ? Let's do this let's do this clap along with me Beat box Let's do this let's do this along with me Ok so let's land the plane here no no rhythm no rhythm at all Kenny

can play the guitar I cannot

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Find out how to get started with Video Marketing for small business at: Online Video marketing is becoming more widespread as more and more small business owners begin to realise it's efficacy. Currently, we see the internet as predominately text based but in 10 years or so it will be transformed into much more of a TV type medium. Hello, I'm Raglan Tri...