The FNX-45 Tactical

FNX-45 Tactical

FNX-45 Tactical is the result of the extensive research on how to improve the features of its older version, the FNP-45 Tactical. It was developed for the U.S Joint Combat Pistol Program with its innate nature for combat in battle.

Belonging to the family of FN series, this new Tactical will not just live through the battle but also bring victories to those who use it. With its innovative and modern features of handgun engineering, the new FNX-45 Tactical has .45 ACP performance and is definitely the top of the handgun industry.

FN FNX is a pistol series made by FN America and involving the use of framed pistols in polymer. It is semi-automatic and is chambered for 9×19 millimeters of Parabellum, .45 ACP, and 40 S&W cartridges.

FNX 45 Tactical different view

The latest FNX 45 comes in a variety of colors from Classic black to Classic stainless and FDE, also known as the Flat Dark Earth.

It has magazines with twelve holes numbered four to fifteen so you can accurately gauge the number of bullets left in it. Although it is from the same class of FNP-45, it has more improved and technical features designed for the most discriminating shooter’s needs. Gun lovers will definitely find their thrill using this new product installment. Also, the FNX-45 Tactical is now available for law enforcement, commercial and military use. For safety use, a fired cartridge is provided as part of the accessories.

The FNX-45 Tactical includes a sophisticated engineered 15-round magazine that creates an accurate shot towards the target even from the most prone position.

FNX 45 Tactical Left side

This new FN new installment is engineered to enhance the operator control and also has a checkered polymer frame that is used to reduce the felt recoil, thanks to its low-bore axis. This handgun has a grip angle that is made for easy handling without compromising the natural point of aim. It has 4 standard backstraps that are interchangeable for a personalized grip desired by the shooter. This handgun’s stainless steel slide includes night sights with high-profile combat readiness and has two more mounting bases used for accepting other styles of red-dot electronic sights.

Its operating controls are skillful and dependable so the use of it is hassle-free and effortless.

And lastly, with its threaded muzzle of stainless cold hammer-forged 5.3” steel barrel, this handgun accommodates compensators, sound suppressors, and other related accessories for the best shooting and combat experience.

Primary Features

• FNX-45 Tactical has an excellent raised standard 3-dot night sights that can be used even for operations that require one-handed handling.

• Its raised night sight’s width is also made to size up the shoulder width of the target accurately and can reach up to 75 feet.


• FNX-45 Tactical, as said above, includes a cold stainless hammer-forged steel. • Lustrous feed ramp and chamber.

• Eased .578 x 28 TPI and its thread protector.


• It has a raised night sight for suppressors.

• Constructed stainless steel slide

• Front and back cock serrations

• Indicates a loaded chamber that involves an external extractor.

• It has a threaded and slided cut used for optional electronic red dot sights.

Controls for Operation

• Slide stop lever

• Magazine Discharge

• Quality and reliable safety levers


• It has 2 optional electronic sights for red dots

• Includes a lustrous and polished body that is polymer-based

• Includes a follower (low-friction) Frame

• With 2 backstraps (interchangeable) and lanyard eyelets

• Includes the MIL-STD-1913 accessory for its setting rail

• Jagged activate guard

• With a sleek matte finish that comes in black

• Constructed polymer and exchangeable steel frame and side rail


• Comes with 3 10 to 15-round magazines and expanded base pad.

• User’s Manual

• Device for locking and safety

• Nylon case from Cordura, sleek and contoured for fit

• 4 exchangeable backstraps

• Sight release and mountings set with tools (such as plates and screws)

• The law required fired cartridge

Technical Specifications

• Sight radius: 6.4 inches

• Width: 1.58 inches

• Height: 6.5 inches

• Length (Overall): 7.9 inches

• Weight: 33.3 oz.

• Twist rate: 1:16 inches RH

• Trigger Pull: Double 8.8 – 12.1 pounds or Single Action 3.96 – 5.06 pounds

• Magazine Capacity: 10 or 15

• Operation: Single Action and Double Action


• FNX-45 Tactical follows USA Specifications

• The product is available for U.S sales only