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Hi I'm Steve Washer with Around here we talk a lot about reaching your ideal clients by being authentic in your videos, but what do we mean when we say that? you know when you have all this technology between you and your audience cameras and lights and computers and stuff and why should we even care about it? Well, the simple answer is because in business authenticity gives

us certain advantages. It makes us unduplicatable. It makes it way easier to use the concept of "know like trust" to gain clients. This is one of the main reasons why authenticity is a better model. It helps the right people bond to the real you, which helps them more easily become your better clients. But there's a big problem in pulling this off, because even though it's really attractive, the prospect of being authentic on

camera is frightening for a lot of people. For a lot of people being authentic, which means taking themselves into account as well as the people they're trying to please all day long is not so easy. This is why I spend most of my time working with people who have awakened to this fact and they're eager now to let their authenticity shine. They know it's better for them, it's better for their clients, it's

better for the world. But for a lot of people,  maybe even you, there's still a few problems. Even if you desperately want to be authentic. Let's solve those problems for you right now; peeling away layers like an onion. The first layer uh... the problem of perfection versus authenticity take apple computer do you think for one minute that steve jobs had a focus group that told him to create an ipod create an iphone, create

an ipad probably not it was his drive for perfect design a drive that made him kind of a tough boss but there's no way anyone could say his passion wasn't authentic. and I chose Steve Jobs deliberately because there's a bonus lesson here See, his very quest for perfection proves that authenticity doesn't also mean being perfect. Jobs wasn't perfect, but we all know this right? I mean that's not the hard part that's

just the first layer of the onion everybody says be authentic, be yourself, don't worry about it, don't stress about it and that's what scares people the most they wonder if that's completely true it can bring up a lot of anxiety that if they were to suddenly become authentic their imperfections would drive away those clients that they most want to attract but remember we also believe at the same time that authenticity beats perfection we

already know that people respond to you because of who you are really and not who you're pretending to be so what's the problem? Well, the answer is now obvious. You're holding two opposing beliefs at the same time with no way of resolving them. authenticity beats perfection but perfection is necessary to attract your ideal clients when that happens you can't take action. to resolve this dilemma we have to dig a little

deeper into the contradiction and when we do we find there's a core truth that dissolves the dilemma. Well maybe it's just a theory, but it's certainly proven to be true for me my theory is that people somehow know that communication in video is a little different it's not exactly like you're talking to a friend and they're afraid of wasting time in effort they don't fully understand people sense somehow that there are

things that have to happen for the communication to be perceived as authentically as it is in person. in fact they're right. but there are only two of them and those two things are technical authenticity and personal authenticity. let's take the technical side first. for communication to be authentic in a technical way you need a clear channel. in this case the video channel itself. if your viewer can't see or hear you properly the

perception of authenticity is lost. A perception is formed alright, but it isn't the one you think it'll be. In this case your distorted image and painful audio either attract the wrong client or no client at all. in addition to the technical there's your own, you know, performance on camera the big red button makes a lot of people nervous. at the very least it can give you butterflies and and if

you can't get the butterflies flying in formation that authenticity that...that best you that you can be is lost and then maybe you have wasted your time. Well, there are simple ways to clear these channels you know. I have dozens of them right here on this site, and more ways than you can think of to expand your authentic technical and personal channels to make them very very powerful. would you like to be

able to do it? let's find out. there's a simple test you can take to see if you can do authentic video marketing. all you have to do is ask yourself one question who do you identify with? This guy Or this guy? you don't need perfection you know. just a little passion and a clear channel Get off me! So if you'd like to get some helpful how-to advice on clearing out your channel just click below for my free

video series on developing your powerful persona Till next time, I'm Steve Washer with

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I want to talk about the effectiveness of videos as it relates to marketing when I saw the latest statistics I was surprised to see just how effective video marketing really is. Did you know your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results when is has a video? 52% of professional marketers point to video when asked what type of content

yields the best return on their investment. Over a third of the Internet traffic today is video related, it's projected that by 2017 that number will climb to 74%. So why is video so effective? One study mapped the eyes of users during search engine results and found that the video results got the most attention. Simply because of the thumbnail, it catches the eye. this is something most of us experience

on a daily basis and just don't even realize it. Adding a video to your email marketing can boost your open rate by 20% simply having the word "video" in the subject line boosts your rates by 19% increases your click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26% 90% of online shoppers of a major retail website found videos to be helpful in their shopping and buying decisions retailers find that products that

have videos sell way more than the ones that don't in fact a product video makes a shopper up 5 times more likely to purchase just because the video, it engages them it instills confidence in their purchasing decisions considered the time an explainer video can save your sales staff or the time a trouble shooting video can save your tech team employee orientation or workplace safety videos they can yield a host of

benefits beyond freeing management of the arduous obligation of training it's a trend, you have to make the decisions are you gonna go with it? or are you gonna do what you've been doing already?

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Hi I'm Steve Washer with Around here we talk a lot about reaching your ideal clients by being authentic in your videos, but what do we mean when we say that? you know when you have all this technology between you and your audience cameras and lights and computers and stuff and why should we even care about it? Well, the simp...