4 Reasons Why Companies Don't Use Video Marketing

so you're thinking videos not really worth your time you're just going to focus on instagram or facebook ads or Twitter or whatever social media that you're focusing on well today I'm going to tell you three reasons why video is going to grow your business and why you might want to start thinking about it a little bit more hey guys welcome back to another episode of Just the tips with Trena

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right here I'll put where I'm at and like I said today we're going to talk about why video is going to grow your business so the first thing video is going to do is it lets people get to know you so how is that even going to grow your business well people like to follow people that they know and they really don't get a sense of knowing you by reading a blog

post or reading your tweets or checking out your feet their Instagram feed ya might be able to let people get to know you a little bit more but by putting yourself on video like this and talking and showing them who you actually are and your personality quirky silly came whatever it is it really helps them to build an instant connection with you and they're going to want to follow somebody that they actually no

more than some stranger now why is that important because once they start following you in building that relationship with you when the time comes that you want to sell them something they're going to be much more willing to buy from their friend even though they've never met you before and they've only watched you on video they feel like you are their friend and they're going to trust you so if you suggest something for

them to buy they're more likely to convert to a buyer or client the second reason why you need video in your business is because it will increase traffic to your website now whether you are uploading YouTube videos and having a call to action in those videos to download your free workshop or visit your website or visit your about me page whatever you're called action is to your website that will boost your website traffic but

if you take that same video and embed it into your website that's going to organically increase the traffic to your website because google search analytics really value video content so if they notice you having video content on your website they're going to rank you higher in Google search results and the statistic is like you are 53 I think 53 times more likely to show up on a Google search results from page google search result

if you have video content on your website so it's going to instantly give you more traffic to your website and the third reason why you need video for your business is because it builds your authority and it positions you as a leader in your knees and who wouldn't want to be a leader in your knees because people are going to be more willing to buy from you or work with you if you

are seen as a leader and if you have the authority factor so how does video do this again it goes back to you creating this relationship on video is like talking to them in person and also let them see that you're the real deal you're not faking it if you can get on camera and talk about your knees and give your opinions and insights on whatever is that you are selling people know

that you know what you're talking about they're gonna want to buy from you because they know that what they're buying from you is legit and it's going to help them out video also allows people to remember you more so when the topic comes up about I need help with Pinterest who can go to people are going to think about somebody instantly that they've seen on video before somebody they write a blog about or seen

your Instagram feed same thing goes for any other needs a business coach if they watched a video that a business coach gave him some great tips on a YouTube video they're gonna remember that person over anybody else so they're going to start referring to those people when their friends start asking about help on finding a business coach or whatever it is that you're neat so video content is going to really make you stick

in people's mind create your authority and really position you as the go-to leader in your nation who would want that if you are ready to start creating video content for your business my brand-new course video for beginners is now available for sale i'll put the link right up here you can go over there it's going to teach you everything that you need from how to set up your equipment how to write your

content how to edit your videos and really how to use YouTube as an asset in your business so if you are ready for video content now make sure you check out that course and grab it now i want to know if you're creating video content for your business and what videos have you created let me know down in the comments below how it went what did you struggle with what are you not sure

you're doing right I would help you i want to get you some answers so let me know down in the comments below where you need help if you found this video helpful make sure you share it out to your friends your business besties go ahead and click the share button right down below here you can share to facebook or instagram or twitter wherever you're at and thank you guys so much for being

here I really appreciate you watching my videos and I will catch you next week bye 5 online

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If a picture is worth a thousand words What's the value of a video? Turns out someone has actually done the math According to researchers A single video is worth 1.8 million words. 1.8 million words here we go! I'm done! Can you imagine how long it would take you to write that much? We all know time is money So why aren't more companies investing in video marketing? Our budget projections for

the third quarter are cautiously optomistic But margins are tight. As previously stated, if it it is not in the marketing budget.. Stanley wait wait! Stanley, video production costs have dropped so much in recent years that will all due respect, we don't even need the budget to make this happen In fact I can do this with my phone The thing is, we have a comprehensive marketing strategy that we have developed through

years of careful research and analysis We just can't compromise that for some passing trend But video marketing is essential for us to maintain our competitive advantage By 2017, 70% of all consumer internet traffic will be video. and three-fourths of all companies will have video as part of their marketing strategy So the way I see it, we really have 2 choices Use video marketing to stay ahead or just fall behind Our

clients are high-powered executives that expect us to maintain the highest level of professionalism We can't risk making a video to diminish our credibility Plus it just seems like a long shot to me You know its possible to be a serious company and still have some fun You know that Cisco video I sent you last week? I don't think anyone would ever say that they're not a professional company. Yeah so

I've been watching some of these videos on YouTube and they look pretty good you know? I like to have something like this on our website but c'mon who wants to look at this ugly mug? Our guys are fixed for radio, not video Besides, where are we going to find the time? We're short staffed and these guys are always running from one call to the next So what are you working on

right now? then I'm off to the next job Well that's a perfect video we can take it right now, upload it to your phone and then when you get home later you can put it on your website That way your customers have something they can watch just really quick and simple, gives them some good tips and then they'll call you hopefully for the big stuff Well that might work Alright lets try

it Once the battery is in place, you're going to tighten this bolt right here We should be good to go You know, when it comes to video I think a lot of companies are just over-thinking it It's really a great way to showcase your products, your services, and even your company's personality So if you're worried about protecting a certain image consider hiring a professional production company. They will work with you on

a project basis so that their only around when you need them and if you don't have the budget for that all you need is a smart phone for video, and a computer with video editing software like iMovie for Mac, or Windows Movie Maker for PC and you're good to go! If you liked what you saw, don't forget to subscribe to our youTube channel and find us on social media and

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See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pji1G2MsmIQ

so you're thinking videos not really worth your time you're just going to focus on instagram or facebook ads or Twitter or whatever social media that you're focusing on well today I'm going to tell you three reasons why video is going to grow your business and why you might want to start thinking about it a little bit more hey guys welcome back to another e...